Top 15 Indicators the Vacation is Over


Here it is. The top 15 ways you know you’ve had a good vacation, but you’re ready for it to be over.

  1. Sniff test. You keep checking to see what clothes you might be able to wear again.
  2. Toilet paper. You can’t help but wonder why even the fanciest hotels have lousy toilet paper.
  3. Luggage. Instead of neatly folding all belongings when changing hotels, you cram every pocket full with whatever fits.
  4. Garbage. You’re so tired of some of the things you brought, you decide they are not worth re-packing. You leave these items behind in hope that someone else might find them useful.
  5. Toothbrush. You can’t wait to chuck your dog-eared free-from-the-dentist toothbrush. Sonicare, I miss you.
  6. Groceries. You dream of visiting Costco and the produce section at your favorite market.
  7. Mail. You wonder how heavy the recycle pile will be, but hope there might be a little, unexpected note or invitation waiting.
  8. TV. You tell your kids they can watch whatever the heck they want. Fair trade for two hours of peace and quiet. If it’s all in Spanish anyway, doesn’t it count as educational?
  9. Cleanse. All that vacation food is catching up with you and you’re convinced you need at least three days of a liquid diet to recover.
  10. Exercise. You’re grateful for the break in an exercise routine, but are excited for a fresh start.
  11. Out of office. Your auto-responder has kicked back more spam than legitimate email.
  12. Family, friends, and work. You repeatedly get calls, emails, texts from people wondering if you’re home yet.
  13. Laundry. You fantasize about having your entire wardrobe clean and at your disposal. (Assuming of course that it fits. See 9 & 10.)
  14. Kids. They are driving you so crazy. You wonder how you can get a vacation from your current trip.
  15. More vacations. You shift your thinking, and start planning out the next big trip.

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