Should I Bring the Stroller?


Brianne Manz of Stroller in the City

The stroller. It takes up a lot of space, right? But it can be very helpful for a lot of families. It really depends on the child, the family, and where you will be visiting.

We almost never travel with a stroller. As a new mom, I planned to meet my husband in Argentina with our 22-month-old and a 2-month-old. I over thought every detail and brought everything. Upon exiting the airport, having been traveling 24 hours with two babies, I was a spectacle. I was wearing the older child on my back and the younger baby in a wrap in front because the stroller I brought had an infant car seat and a toddler booster draped over the top. I pushed the stroller filled high while pulling one large suitcase behind me. Although we had a couple long drives with a car service, I wish I’d left everything but the backpack and child carrier behind. Especially since I was accustomed to wearing my children.

However, on a recent family trip to Zion National Park, which has miles of paved trail, a stroller would have been useful.

We prepared the following survey to help you make the decision easier.

Stroller Survey Left

We can happily recommend the following child carriers for traveling parents of young children. Please visit the following TOC reviews:

Solly Baby Wrap: These wraps are perfect from newborn to one year (give or take a few months depending on the child). The fabric is made of fine knit. It is lightweight and breathable. Owner Elle Rowley designs the wraps to be on trend and fashionable while carrying the youngest travelers.

Maya Wrap: This sling-style wrap is often woven from cotton like many traditional wraps around the world, which makes it heavier in weight, but offers more versatility with carry positions and heavier children.

E & M Machu Picchu

Osprey Poco Child Carrier: A backpack option that is more compact than many other hiking options. Designed to accommodate a child up to 48.5 pounds. The parent will give out before this backpack does.

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