Local Games

IMG_9101Whether you’re learning to sing Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes in another language or borrowing games from the hotel or rental home, playing games is a great way for kids to have fun while learning.

I loved watching our girls buy property in Monopoly. Their desire to purchase land had nothing to do with the value of the real estate and everything to do with whether it was a part of our itinerary.

Here are some other favorite games from TOC contributors:

Clwdunn: The license plate game for long road trips! We like to collect the most states. Also, find all the letters of the alphabet on signs in alphabetical order.

Samsaunt: Pass the Pigs is a great to take with you when you travel. Works for lots of ages and you can play when you’re out to dinner and things aren’t moving too quickly!

Kadylieber: Go fish! We have actual fish cards. Tay loves it and it’s so easy to pack.

allison: Mexican Train was a tremendous hit at girls’ camp…muy bueno!

katdayton: Bananagrams in Español (and I think it comes in other languages, too).

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