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If We Were Neighbors: Life Lessons from Strangers

Something about the way she followed her naked, towheaded toddler on the beach made me like her. I felt a connection -- an appreciation. As opportunity presented itself, I discovered that there was a lot to admire about Zelda Curti. read more...

Nosara, Costa Rica

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Tribute to Tinis: Our Latina Role Model

When Kat and I first saw Tinis, we agreed we wouldn’t take any photos of each other next to her. Her caramel-colored skin and picture-perfect body would have made any 30-something mom feel self-conscious. read more...
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Problems in Paradise

Even life in paradise has a few drawbacks. Here are some of the things I ought to know by now, and that I should have remembered in preparation for our trip. read more...
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Good Times in Costa Rica

Six weeks in Costa Rica! Extending our cultural and language studies to one of the most sought-after destinations in Central America. Costa Rica is such an easy place for families. read more...