Childhood Exodus

Childhood Exodus: France & Italy

Twelve. It’s an in-between year—a year when one is no longer a child, but not yet a teen. So we celebrate this birthday by letting them choose a parent and a destination and plan their first trip. read more...
travel with toddlers

Italia con Bambina: Was it a Dream?

Until recently, I was an Italy virgin. I was always waiting for an opportunity to do Italy “right,” but it never seemed to manifest. Now, with a toddler in tow, I think I've figured it out. read more...
Family European Adventure

Rowley Family European Adventure


Naples, Italy

Why would I go to Naples with my family? Isn’t it dangerous? Won’t scary pickpockets shake babies in my face while they steal my wallet or cut off my fingers to get my rings? Um, no. You should go because this city is stuffed with history, art, great food, and friendly people. read more...
Italy vacation

Italy Vacation with Baby Cora

travel with babies

A Messy Amalfi: Baby’s First Big Trip

A nervous new mother, I didn't know what to expect on that first international trip with a six-month baby. I was pleasantly surprised and a little shocked. read more...