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Interview with DeNai Jones of Petunia Pickle Bottom

DeNai Jones is the head designer and founder of Petunia Pickle Bottom and co-founder of Petunia Handbags | Sons of Trade. Their products have it all -- style, durability, and extreme function. The perfect combination. But what I appreciate most about the brand is the heart behind it. read more...
near and far

Near and Far with the Jones Family

Dutch Oven Cooking

Dutch Oven Cooking

Two of our favorite crockpot recipes. they're pretty basic but delicious and easy to customize. Plus, easy instructions on how to use a dutch oven. read more...
Zion National Park

Zion National Park 2014

We love Zion and the best time to go is for Veteran’s Day. It’s not only free to get into the park, but the leaves are perfect for filming. read more...

The Bug-A-Salt

John has a hate-hate relationship with flies and just had to buy the Bug-A-Salt. I hate guns and couldn’t believe he made the unauthorized purchase. Until I watched this video. Hilarious. If they were mosquitos, I could watch them be read more...