We have a lot of travel planned this year with our basically 5 and 3 year olds. A large portion of it will be in Europe. What do you recommend for stroller options? Is there a good combo for a single stroller but with a ride on option for the other kiddos so I’m not always mediating who’s turn it is to walk? Must be relatively lightweight and fit in the boot of a European rental car. HELP!!


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    I will add we’ve never travelled with a stroller before. We’ve just used carriers but our 5 year old is getting heavy to carry however she isn’t up to walking all day long either. So this is new travel territory for us.

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    Hey there! I also fall into the rarely-pack-a-stroller category. But I’ve heard a lot of people love the orbit baby stroller with the sidekick board so older kids can catch a ride.

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