I want to take my kids for a Spanish language-cultural immersion extended trip. I’m looking at Antigua, Guatemala. I found an apartment through Airbnb and a bilingual Montessori school that could take all three kids (age 2-8). Traveling families (especially solo moms), what is your advice??


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    Antigua is the perfect destination. Our first extended stay (without dad) was there. I love that it is a walkable town with plenty of things to do and see. When legs get tired, you can easily take a moto-taxi (tuk tuk) around for a small fee. Advice: Find the nearest hotel with a swimming pool and negotiate a rate to use the pool during your stay. Most places offer day passes, but if they know you’ll be returning frequently, they can offer you a better rate. Being immersed in a new language can be exhausting on kids’ (and adults’) brains. Swimming makes it feel like a vacation too. We used Porta Hotel Antigua’s pool and playground at least 3-4 times per week. Another must: try the banana bread at Dona Luisa Xicoteneatl. It’s excellent!

  2. I did a Spanish immersion program and lived with a family in Antigua (solo) for a couple months. I think it’s a great place to learn Spanish and super affordable!! The culture is rich and people are delightful. For Antigua, I’d suggest good rugged shoes for the kids for everyday wear, like Keens, because the streets and sidewalks are cobblestone and tripping is easy. The central square is good park to play and people watch. If you can swing a trip to the jungles of Tikal, they are amazing!! I wouldn’t recommend taking little children on any of the cheaper options you may find for activities or transportation, they cut too many corners. Believe anything you read concerning safety, and have an amazing time!!

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