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Hubby and wifey and our boy Frankie D! Los Angeles, CA. I'm a professional toy designer and artist that loves to travel. My husband is a web developer and tech genius. Our son is the most curious and delightful creature I've ever met. Our young family travels as often and far as money allows, mainly domestically with 1-2 international trips a year. Growing up in the midwest, I dreamed of seeing the world, but by family didn't travel. So once I turned 18 I moved to Los Angeles. When I was 19 I went camping for the first time and also got a passport and left the country for the first time. I was hooked. I've been fortunate to save and finance my own travels throughout the world, including a solo Around the World trip. Since we've been married, we've been saving to do more traveling and go somewhere for eery holiday. We honeymooned in Mexico and a year later did a whirlwind trip across Japan. I got pregnant the following month and did a trip each month until I was too pregnant to travel...little guy saw 10 states in-utero! I also do an annual trip with my girlfriend and fellow travel enthusiast. Last year we added my 7-monther to the mix and found ourselves on an organic lavender farm. We are trying to swing trips in 2015 to to America Samoa, New York City, SLC, Pennsylvania, Lake Powell, and Nebraska for 2015. Plus CA camping trips! I'm excited to gain tips and tricks from the TOC community so we can keep up our traveling as we expand our family.
Laos, Germany, Cuba, Australia, Thailand, Austria. Maybe everywhere?
France, Ecuador, Czech Republic, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, China, Dubai, England, Ireland, Poland, Serbia (Kosovo) Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Slovakia, Hungry, Austria, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Italy, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Cuba, Zanzibar, Tanzania, Kenya, Japan, Canada. 40 US states, 5 Canadian Providences including PEI, Quebec and Nova Scotia.
you name it. Iceland, Korea, Patagonia, etc. Antartica is pretty high up there.
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