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I always pack something new for each family member's wardrobe... so every time they wear it they will remember their travels!
0-17 months, 18 months - 4 years
We are adventurous to the bones (mommy and daddy own their own businesses) and travel keeps us inspired! Parker is a sensitive soul and deeply connects with the world, while Avery... at only 15 months... attacks every experience with gusto. We are happiest when we are together... and can't wait to see what our travels will bring!
Mommy and Daddy: Italy. Parker and Avery: Hawaii (first big trip).
Mommy: (International) Sydney, Tokyo, Fiji, Italy, France, England, Belgium, Spain, Taiwan (United States) Only missing a few. Daddy: (International) Italy, Spain, Greece, France, Fiji (United States) Trying to catch up to Mommy.
You name it! But first... Morocco, Turkey, Greece, Costa Rica, Ireland, Eastern Europe, New Zealand, South Africa
One Week, Two weeks
One activity per day sounds good
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