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BLK water and gummy bears
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I'm a widow and single parent of two crazy and awesome girls named Maya and Senna. 3 months after my husband passed, I decided to live out a dream of mine and that was to open an online shop filled with our favorite boutique kids fashion designers and modern housewares. In October of 2014, I opened DLK and have loved every day doing it. It has been a way for me express myself creativity and teach my kids how to be independent and not fear their big dreams. I find peace and joy in being surrounded by modern, minimalistic design because it carries a beauty without doing too much. As travelers, I always look for a specific place I want to stay first and build my trip from there. I like to find unique spaces that I could only dream of living in as I think the place we go to decompress can be just as rewarding as the adventures we went on that day. My motto: Find the beauty in every day.
sliding house, nova scotia canada and malibu
alaska, san francisco, costa rica, paris, malibu, nova scotia, montreal, new york, jamaica, puerto rico, bahamas
austraila, belize, copenhagen, tokyo, san francisco, palm springs, everywhere!
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