Guatemalan Adventures: December 22 - January 1, 2016

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This multi-generational trip to Central America was a gift really, from my parents. My mother really wanted the kids to see colonial Guatemala (Antigua) and to experience Tikal. Lake Atilan was included as a stop because they are avid birders, but also because Chichicastenengo was a favorite spot of my grandparents decades ago. My mother owned an adventure travel company and studied in Mexico, and my great grandmother was raised in Mexico, so we have a thing about indian cultures and folk art.

We took the opportunity to skip Christmas, sort of.  We brought books and tools to the local charity, Common Hope, which we’ve been supporting. On Christmas Eve, we all drew names to buy $12 worth of gifts for a family member. We exchanged presents over dinner, then our guide walked us outside the gate of our Antigua hotel to a little village where we shot off fireworks in an alley. It was a blast!

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