Solly Baby Wrap


To be honest, I didn’t even know baby wearing was a ‘thing’ until my third trimester of pregnancy. I stumbled across a mama wearing her baby in the Solly Baby Wrap and was immediately intrigued. After a bit of good ol’ Instagram stalking, I was smitten with the whole idea of being able to carry my baby without actually ‘carrying my baby’. It was like experiencing the magic of being pregnant all over again.

In no time at all, our first Solly was on it’s way. I remember anxiously checking tracking numbers until it finally arrived. Then, testing it out with my hugely swollen belly and a baby doll because I just couldn’t until my baby was born to try it. A few weeks later, our son came and we started using it right away. Admittedly, it was a bit intimidating to use with a newborn. They’re oh-so-sweet but obviously fragile with no neck support! After practicing at home a lot and watching the helpful tutorials on the Solly website, we got the hang of it in no time at all!

From grocery runs, to family hikes, to road trips, being able to wear my baby has been the absolute best way to go. Why? Two words: light packing. If you use a Solly, there’s absolutely no need for bulky strollers or worrying about germ-ridden shopping and/or rented baby gear. Just wrap them up tight and you’re ready to go pretty much anywhere! Because we have a lot of family that live long-distance, we end up traveling a lot. Anyone who’s taken a small baby to a strange place knows how nerve wracking that kind of situation can be for the baby and yourself. By carrying your baby in the Solly Wrap, you’re creating a safe, comfortable place for them to feel secure while interacting in the new surroundings with you. It’s a win-win!


In summary, The Solly Baby Wrap is by far my favorite product for the first 6+ months of babyhood. It’s super lightweight and folds up neatly without taking too much space in the diaper bag. Plus, it’s excellent for those times when you have no other choice for your baby but to take naps on the go.  And because you’re wearing them in the wrap, you can continue doing most activities you have planned for the day while they’re asleep.

Things I love about it:

  1. The material is unbelievably soft, yet surprisingly supportive at the same time.
  2. The colors and style blend effortlessly with personal style. The wrap basically just looks (and feels) like a lovely accessory to whatever outfit your currently wearing. In fact, I once had a little boy ask me while I was wearing our son, “How come there’s a baby in your shirt?!”
  3. It allows for you to participate in family activities/travels while still meeting many personal needs for your tiny babe.

If you’re on the fence about purchasing one, read this from a newbie mama who travels quite often: It’s 100% worth the investment. I rarely (if ever) tell other parents what they need to be doing or purchasing for their families but trust me, you won’t regret investing the Solly Baby Wrap!

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