Mom’s Stuff Salve

Have you ever packed too many toiletries or first-aid items because of all the what ifs? I resisted the urge to throw in a few extra ointments, essential oils, and other liquids and decided to trust Mom’s Stuff Salve on a six week adventure through Colombia & Panama. Now that we’re home, I wonder how we took any trips without it.

Thank you Mom’s Stuff for making a product that is superfood for skin and keeping us happy and healthy.

Ways We Used It. There are so many, we had to alphabetize them.

baby bum rashIMG_7190
bug bites
chafing from a toddler life jacket
chapped lips
chest congestion
chin eczema
dry skin
facial moisturizer
heat rash
heel cracks
lip balm
lubricant for kayak hands
peeling skin
stove burn

It was so effective that I used it on every ailment my children devised — even when I doubted its effectiveness. “Oh, you have a stomach ache? Let’s rub some Mom’s Stuff on your belly. A headache? Get the magic Mom’s Stuff.” And yet it still worked. I’ll never go back to petroleum-based products. Mom’s Stuff feels and smells amazing.

It stayed by our side during mud baths, bamboo rafts, horseback riding, houseboat diving, jungle hiking, Jeep Willey surviving, and all the stops between.

It shouldn’t have surprised me when my daughter tried to repair her broken pirate sword with Mom’s Stuff. “What are you doing?” I asked. “I’m using Mom’s Stuff because it works so well.” She replied. Insert duh mom eye roll.

Why it Works

Mom’s Stuff is made with 100% active ingredients including: extra virgin olive oil, beeswax, piñon pine pitch, sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil, jojoba oil, lanolin, comfrey leaf extract, tea tree essential oil, rosemary essential oil, neem oil, and lavender essential oil.

Each ingredient is chosen specifically for its ability to nourish, heal, or protect.

It’s antibacterial.

It’s made with love. For real. Lee Udall Bennion, accomplished artist, avid gardner, outdoor enthusiast, and the ‘mom’ in Mom’s Stuff cares about people. Her genuine desire to heal and protect is in her creation. I imagine Lee mixing ingredients with thought and prayer and wishing she could erase even the hard-to-reach wounds like heartache, poverty, loss, or disaster.

Keep stirring Lee, but teach those you trust how to blend the salve with your influence mixed in. This world has a lot of healing to do.

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