Little Passports

Have you seen Little Passports? I love products that help kids learn and get excited about the world. Let’s face it, even if time and money were no issue, I’ll never be able to take them everywhere or teach them everything.

little passport

A few days before our departure to Colombia & Panama, the Explorer Kit and first month subscription of the Little Passport’s World Edition arrived. Here’s why we love it:

  • Kid mail. What kid doesn’t like to receive a cute package in the mail?
  • Suitcase. It’s only a little bigger than a lunch pail, but each girl played with its closure and carried the tote like they owned it. Little Minerva (who is always trying to be as big as her sisters) insisted it was her step stool. Thankfully, it was durable enough to withstand the weight, but I can’t recommend it for this purpose.
  • Giant map. After several folds, they opened the map, found our home state and identified the countries where we would be traveling. The visual reminder was especially good for one daughter who realized we would be visiting South America (Colombia) and Central America (Panama) in one trip. A conversation ensued about whether Central America is considered North or South America and the girls were happy that they would be visiting not just two countries, but two continents as well.
  • Folding technique. In an age where electronic maps are the norm, it made my heart happy to watch Cora and Hero discuss how to fold the map back into position. The true sign of an elegant explorer, right?
  • Stickers. Pippa got the stickers. There would be no debate or mistake about that. They are intended to be placed on the suitcase, in the kit passport, or hoarded by a certain 5-year-old girl who loves cute stickers.
  • Sam and Sophia. These are the guides and pen pals for the World Addition, which is appropriately geared for ages 6 – 10. Each mailing includes a letter from these new friends.
  • Country specific. Each monthly mailing comes with a country package that includes information and activities specific to that destination.
  • Dinosaur excavation. Our kit arrived with a small fossil-like excavation kit, which Hero immediately claimed and begun her excavation. I loved that this activity required no help or assistance from me. I had bags to pack. When I asked how she enjoyed it, she said, “It was great. I would have liked more digging tools, but I did it.” PS. She loves tools.

2015-05-24 15.11.41

I was grateful for the Little Passport package. It provided some entertainment and learning that required little effort on my part. The kits are age appropriate. Hero (age 9) showed the most interest in our World Edition. Philippa (age 5) was interested, but without the ability to read well, it didn’t hold her attention. Cora (age 11) was most interested in the map and flipped through the other contents, but didn’t stay engaged. Minerva (age 2) wanted everything because paper and boxes and dinosaurs are cool even when nothing gets used appropriately.

Little Passports

Little Passports currently has three different subscription editions:

Early Explorers. Ages 3 – 5. Explore a new world theme (animals, music and more).
World Edition. Ages 6 – 10. Discover a new country every month with fun souvenirs and activities.
USA Edition. Ages 7 – 12. Learn about all 50 states with activity packed journals.

Plus, they’re offering $15 off a 12-month subscription. If you don’t have plans to take your kids to 12 different countries in the next year, this is a pretty good alternative.

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