Jade Yoga Voyager Mat


If you want to make yoga a part of your travel routine, we found the perfect mat. Jade Yoga is a great company. Period. Now, they have released the extra thin and extra light Voyager mat (1/16″) and only 1.5 pounds. When folded, it’s about the same size as a yoga block. While I love minimal packing, this is a mat I can justify. It’s eco-friendly, packs small, and has perfect grip. There’s an added benefit in that it provides a little extra luggage protection for any little treasure I may have purchased while traveling.


We tested it at the Surf & Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica and were relieved that it maintained the Jade Yoga grip we’ve come to expect even with intense sweat and humidity. If you are accustomed to a cushioned yoga mat, this will take some getting used to, but since yoga origins were mat free, we think the closeness to the earth is a good thing.


And just in case you need a little extra convincing, know that every time you purchase a Jade Yoga mat, a tree will be planted. It’s part of their commitment to making sustainable mats, tapped from the renewable resource of rubber trees.


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