Bluff Works Travel Pants

For a place in my luggage, an item must have more than one use; it’s got to earn a spot in the bag. Bluff Works pants pass the audition. I’ve worn them to formal meetings, on day hikes, in back alleyways, and on photo assignments that required lay-on-the-floor camera work.


Most travel pants look like travel pants, and that’s not usually a good thing. Bluff Works are not your typical zip-off-legs-at-the-Louvre-but-ready-for-a-jungle-assault khaki jobs. They look like wool. The cut is slim, but not so slim that men with power thighs will be uncomfortable.


These pants can be washed in a hotel sink at night, wrung dry in a towel, and worn again the following morning. They don’t stain. They don’t wrinkle. They don’t feel like plastic. They look great with a tee shirt or a dress shirt. They come in six reasonable colors. They breathe.

The pants also have discreet, helpful pockets:

  • A hidden zipper pocket inside the front left pocket—great for cash or passport.
  • A smartphone pocket near the waistband on the back right hip. This is the perfect spot for a phone—out of the way, hidden, but accessible.
  • A back zippered pocket that looks like a normal slacks pocket.
  • A small coin pocket inside the front right pocket.

I’ve told friends in NYC, California, and Texas about the pants, and they gave them a try. Now they are ordering additional pairs in other colors, and telling their friends. If Bluff Works were a multi-level-marketing scheme, I’d be at the top of a three-story cash pyramid by now.

Want more? Bluff Works are made in the USA by a small business. Boom. Go order your pants, and say “thank you” for this recommendation.

Here’s the movie that started it all:

Here are some Bluff Works action shots of my own.


Testing the Bluff Works in Cochabamba, Bolivia


On Assignment in Sucre, Bolivia. Day 10 and the Bluffs Still Work.

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