Write a Review and Win: The Solly Baby Wrap

Harry Potter haunts in Oxford

Thanks to the lovely Elle Rowley of Solly Baby, we have a lot of traveling parents with young children here on Tropic of Candycorn. Her beautiful wraps are fabulous for traveling, but we probably don’t have to tell you that.

Instead, you tell us what makes the Solly Baby Wrap one of the best products for traveling with your littles adventurers. If your product review is selected, you’ll win a wrap from the current collection and a TOC travelpack in pink, orange, or blue.

Please email your submission to our master adventurer cornelius@tropicofcandycorn.com and include 1-3 of your favorite photos (minimum width 700 pixels/inch) from your Solly Baby travel story.

Contest closed. Thanks breabird for this wonderful review and congratulations! 

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