Petroglyphs on Nine Mile Canyon

Cornelius is in the desert this weekend with John and the girls. He didn’t really want to go because he doesn’t love desert destinations, but I told him he had to because I wasn’t about to fetch him kelp all weekend whilst trying to prep for dumb tax season.

If you know where they are (or even if you have a guess) enter now to win a TOC Travelpack filled with our travel-sized Cornelius zen pillow and fun stuff to entertain your adventurer. Here’s how to enter:

  1. Become a TOC member if you haven’t already. It’s fast, free and fun!
  2. Enter the NAME OF THE CANYON in the comments below.
  3. No entry limit.
  4. First one with the correct answer wins.
  5. Bonus points (as in more cool stuff in the travelpack) if you can provide more information about the destination!

Here’s another hint: The trip is looking up for the Corn since he found these petroglyph friends to run with.




  1. says:

    Monument Valley, Grand Canyon, Pariah Canyon, Paradise Canyon?

  2. Kolob canyon. Escalate canyon

  3. Or Chimney Rock or Coyote Gulch?

  4. Maple canyon is probably too green to be that pic but it’s on our list of trails to tread next year along with the other two.

  5. says:

    I’m so impressed by some of these answers. My list of canyons to visit has just increased. The correct canyon is approximately 40 miles long, which makes the name of the canyon a bit deceptive.

  6. Nine mile canyon. I am sure this is it

  7. says:

    You got it AMYMARIECARP!

  8. Thanks so much! We are taking our kiddos on a trip in a few weeks and our flight out happens to fall on my 7 yr old daughters bday. This will be a great way to make to make her feel special while she spends her entire bday on a plane.

  9. says:

    This is so cool!!! Do you usually camp there or are there hotels nearby? Are the campsites reservation only/do they fill up fast?

  10. says:

    Yes, you can camp, but this time of year is still a little too cold. They stayed in a cheap hotel in Price, Utah! It had an indoor swimming pool, which has become a trip highlight. Pool + ice cream + pancakes for dinner seems to be the ultimate recipe for trip success. Ha!


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